Translate the academic excellence into innovations available to industry.


Develop high quality scienfic research in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Biomimetics.


Make available to the clinical partners useful engineering tools and new developments to improve the patients' life quality.

In a warehouse, the BioEngineering Lab was founded, in July 1999.

When Marcos Pinotti arrived at UFMG, in 1999, the lack of space didn't stop him: his team, formed by some PHD students, emptied the warehouse and turned it into the essence of the Bioengineering Laboratory, which today occupies a much more spacious area in the building of Mechanical Engineering. Inventor, master and doctor, considered to be one of the 100 most important scientists in the world, Marcos Pinotti was a foundation stone of our lab, leading us towards what we are today.


The lab was founded in 1999 and we have a lot of articles, research and products that can tell who we are. Our structure consists of 1 meeting room, 1 room for presentations, 3 workshops, 2 computer rooms and 1 room for the administration. Since the beggining, our lab is too much to be told on a webpage only. But, you can always come to us and talk!

Our History


Our team is composed by: 2 Coordinators, 7 PHD students, 15 master's degree students and 30 undergraduate students . Today, Rudolf Huebner leads the lab. He works in the areas of Heat and Fluids or Bioengineering that involve the evolution of mathematical models, numerical simulations and the use of non-invasive measurement techniques.

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