7th ABCM Spring School on Transition and Turbulence

  Professor Marcos Pinotti presents some of the works developed at the LabBio and some challenges of working with bioengineering. Than, he talks about turbulence in cardiovascular systems.

4th Siminove - The Innovation System of Minas Gerais

  A partnership of influent institutions and companies, free of charge and focused on entrepreneurship and transfer of innovative technologies to the healthcare field.

Integrating universities, companies and innovation

  The event “Brazil: Interconnected” with the presentation of Domingos Giroletti was attended by Professor Marcos Pinotti Barbosa. The talk hit the subjects of acquaintance of knowledge, research and innovation and how do these topics integrate within Brazil and abroad.

Bioengineering: the science that will shape the future

  Videoconference Café Científico Virtual on the subject of Bioengineering: the science that will shape the future, in which Professor Dr. Marcos Pinotti Barbosa – associated professor at the University of Minas Gerais – talks about innovation.

Images of Knowledge - Marcos Pinotti

  A talks about how orthoses correct deformities and improve some body parts work. And also about robotized gloves were developed at the LabBio to bring better results to the treatment of people who bear physiotherapeutical issues on their hands and wrists.

ENEBI 2015 - lecture #2

  In this recording from the 5th ENEBI – Brazilian National Meeting for the Development of Biomechanical Engineering, our Professor Dr. Marcos Pinotti, associated professor at the UFMG covers the subject Bioengineering: Science Shapes the Future.

Competitiveness in innovative services

  The city of Belo Horizonte hosts the Innovation and Clusters International Workshop. Participants from all continents were to wake up students, teachers, business people, government and universities to the importance of competitiveness in innovative products and services.

Assistive Engineering

  Get to know how the assistive engineering helps the lives of people who have disabilities. In this video, Professor Marcos Pinotti shines a light on the subject which is transforming those people’s lives to the better.