... and Improvement

1. Fotobiomodulador Device for Prevention and Treatment of nipple trauma and injuries not-Infectious Teat 2009
2. Constructive disposition for Damping System 2009
3. Method and Aspiration probe endobronchial secretions 2009
4. Exercise equipment with vibration applied in the Opposite Direction Muscle Shortening 2009
5. Cushioning system for shoe soles 2008
6. Fotobiomodulador Device for Treatment of nipple trauma 2008
7. Device Control and Monitoring Of Vacuum Pressure in Vacuum Systems Of Biological Secretions 2008
8. Platform for trial run for Practice of balance disorder 2008
9. Device for measurement of isometric force multidirecinal of the pelvic floor muscles 2007
10. Cable with elastic segments 2007
11. Pharmaceutical composition and photosensitive Method for the Treatment of Cutaneous Tumor Lesions in Mammals 2007
12. Hidropletismometro 2006
13. Functional Ortese for hand driven electric device 2005
14. Lattice structure for a wheelchair 2004
15. Foldable walker with seat and tilting support for hands 2004
16. Accessible Path: Standard Texture and Geometry Tracks on Painted Floor or Floor Assistant for the Direction of Disability 2003
17. Reflective display standard for use in devices and / or equipment with wheels 2003
18. Optical Device for biostimulation of Oral Tissues by Means of Light Emitting Diodes Emitting High Intensity Optical Spectrum in Bands Between 610 nm-Coupled to a 910nm Adjustable Anatomica Mascara Face the Bottom 2003
19. Methods for Measurement of Animal Temperament through its Reactivity in environments with Mobility and Containment Devices Methods to Make 2003
20. Telephone kiosk with height adjustment 2003
21. Optical device for biomodulation of epithelial tissue, bone and muscle by means of light emitting diodes emitting high intensity bands of the optical spectrum between 610 nm-910 nm, equipped with a polarized lens and a cooling system . 2003
22. Actuator fluid mechanic easy assembly comprises two flexible tubes and fastening system washers 2002
23. Equipment for Dental Bleaching by Means of Leds with 350nm wavelength between 700nm and with or without Infrared Laser Emission, Featuring Cooling System 2002
24. Standard identification canes visually impaired or physical 2002
25. Tubular system to perform cycles of emptying and dental irrigation canals 2002
26. Capacitive Discharge Valve for Toilets 1999
27. Device Model To Be Installed On Conventional Energy Meters Electric Meters On The Turning Horosazonais systems for use in electric power distribution Intended applications Residential, Commercial, Industrial E 1997
28. Device Model for Measuring Weight and load vehicles and equipment from the variation of the deflection Or Pressure In Pneumatic Systems 1997
29. Model Electronic Flowmeter Based on the variation of the electrical characteristics of the Exchange Feature In Heat In A Semiconductor Electronic Component, With Clearing of Fluid temperature 1997
30. Equipment for the monitoring of transmission lines / distribution of electricity, and automatic self-propelled car 1997
31. Device Model for application in pneumatic multicam to be used in vehicles and other applications 1997
32. Model Filter System to be Installed at Discharge Gas Combustion Engines Internal Combustion Aimed at the automotive, stationary and other applications 1997
33. Composition Protective Skin Treatments in with cryotherapy or cryosurgery 1991